LATT Appoints A New Executive Board (2019–2021)

On March 29th, 2019, the LATT hosted its 58th Annual General Meeting (AGM), at the National Library Building, Port of Spain.

During the AGM a new Executive Board was elected to serve for a two-year period (2019–2021). Membership in the Association  is open to all suitably qualified professionals, paraprofessionals, students, institutions and stakeholders in library and information science and related fields.

The new LATT Executive Board is as follows:

  • Ms. Beverly Williams - President
  • Ms. Ayaana Alleyne - Vice President
  • Mrs. Jenna Sandiford-Maundy - Secretary
  • Ms. Kandice Roberts - Treasurer
  • Ms. Beverly Adams-Baptiste - Programme Director
  • Mr. Lyndon Jackson - Public Relations Officer (Deceased)
  • Ms. Davi Ramkhellawan - Liaison Officer
  • Ms. Jemma George - Liaison Officer
The Executive Board looks forward to serving in excellence - the members of the Association and the wider society.

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