LATT Executive Board attends celebratory launch of the Trinidad & Tobago Prison Services’ 180th Anniversary

The Library Association of Trinidad & Tobago (LATT) demonstrated its continued commitment to advocating for libraries, library workers and library services, by attending the celebratory launch of the Trinidad & Tobago Prison Services' 180th Anniversary. Secretary, Jenna Sandiford-Maundy and Assistant Secretary, Allison Providence-Lange, were on hand to lend support to staff members of the National Library and Information Systems Authority (NALIS) who work in correctional institution libraries in Trinidad.

Currently, NALIS provides library services at the Youth Training Centre (YTC), Women's Prison and Maximum Security Prison (MSP), under the leadership of Mrs. Cheryl Ann Quamina-Baptiste, Librarian III, and Ms. Beverly Ann Williams, Director, Public Libraries Division. At the celebrations, NALIS launched a new collaborative initiative with the Prison Service where inmates from the MSP can have 30 minute Skype video calls to communicate with their children, using facilities provided by the library. This will allow the inmates to fulfill their roles as parents by being able to read with their children and assist with homework as needed.

Both Secretary and Assistant Secretary engaged Commissioner of Prisons, Mr. Gerard Wilson and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Mr. Vel Lewis, to discuss and stress the importance of access library services to all members of society and the impact that libraries continue to make.

LATT Executive, Jenna Sandiford-Maundy (Secretary) and Allison Providence-Lange (Assistant Secretary)

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