Photo Albums

In order to document the activities and events of the organisation, the Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) will occasionally take photographs / have photographs taken at LATT activities and events. The following is a list of photo albums grouped by year. Please note that this listing will be periodically updated.

Photo Albums: 2017

  • Photo highlight from LATT’s 2017 OGM & Professional Reporting Session
  • LATT Participates at the TTGPA's 6th Annual Professional Services Day

Photo Albums: 2016

  • Photos of recipients of the Library Association’s award for outstanding performance in the Bachelor of Library and Information Science and the Associate Degree in Library and Information Studies from COSTAATT
  • Photo highlight from LATT’s 2016 OGM & Professional Reporting Session
  • Come Lime with LATT Boat Cruise
  • LATT's 55th AGM

Photo Albums: 2011

Photo Albums: 2009