Schedule C (page) of the Constitution of the Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) provides for the establishment of an Award for Meritorious Service to the Library Association. In 2004 Annual General Meeting, it was decided that those guidelines would be used to establish the Lynette Lashley-Hutchinson Award, which would be given for meritorious service. A monetary gift of no less than TT$ 500.00 would be given along with the Award

“The Lynette Lashley-Hutchinson Award is a tribute to the long and dedicated to the library profession by one of its stalwarts, a founding member of LATT, President of LATT from 1971-1972 and former Director of Library Services of the Central Library of Trinidad and Tobago. In recognition of her sterling service to the library profession, Lynette C. Hutchinson A.L.A., F.L.A. was honoured in the National Awards of 1990 with the Public Service Medal of Merit.”

(Source: “The Lynette Lashley-Hutchinson Award” [Reproduction of the “Citation for the Award presented to Esahack Mohammed at the Association’s AGM on Saturday March 25, 2006. It was delivered by Denyse De Bourg.”] – Biblio, June 2006, Issue No. 2.)

Below is a list of awardees by year.


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