LATT Is Funomenal!

The Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) teamed up with the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago (NALIS), for National Library Week 2015, with its most fitting theme – Libraries Are Funomenal!  on Sunday – November 29th, 2015.
The LATT Executive Board team members came out to fuel this initiative and the happy, energetic patrons came out in their numbers – filled with enthusiasm and curiosity.  It was evident from all enjoyable interactions that we are all essentially children at heart.  And, indeed it was a funomenal day – complete   with fun filled engaging activities for the young patrons ranging from – face painting, games, craft, amazing spaces, interactive exhibitions and displays.
The LATT booth was complete with a spinning Wheel of Fortune game board that wooed our young visitors tospin to win giveaways of fun quirky stationery items and chocolates.  The wheel decided their fortune as to the medium of expression that the little ones would showcase their creative talent whether in dance, recital or song.
The Honourable Maxie Cuffie – Minister of Communications took time out of his active schedule to attend the event, and graciously visited LATT’s booth to spend a moment with the children and present prizes.
The LATT booth was well-received, reinforcing the maxim that the LATT is committed to serve, nurture and support our national community at every stage of its learning and development.
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