Membership Signup

Membership subscription rates for 2012-2013 are as follows:

Personal - TT$ 200.00
Institutional - TT$ 400.00
Associate - TT$ 100.00
Student - TT$ 50.00
Honorary - WAIVED
Corresponding - US$ 50.00

Kindly note that membership fees for new members are not payable until official notice of approval of application for membership has been communicated / received.
To receive an invoice, please send an email to, Subject: Request for Invoice - LATT Membership Fees.

Do provide us with your full name, contact details, membership type, year membership fees will be paid for.

Membership fee payment methods for 2012-2013 are as follows:

By direct deposit to the Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago's account via any branch of First Citizen's bank, Trinidad and Tobago.
By cash or cheque, made out to Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago, during any LATT meeting (annual or ordinary).
Please refer to pages 4-7 of the Constitution for further guidelines on membership subscriptions, including payments, renewals and prorations.

Click here to submit your Membership registration form and wait for a communication from our side before making any fee payments.